Monday, January 26, 2009

Mikee's Back

And, all's right with the world. It was a long and well deserved winter break for the Village's own baker, but the ovens are once again turning out gems like this.

We go daily (well, Wednesday through Sunday, anyway). Kids and dogs are usually schnurfling around in the flour dust on the floor. Bard students rotate seasonally behind the counter, and we teeter on the edge of the two-fanny bench near the till in winter, but it's worth it. All the news you'd care to know passes by before noon.

And in summer, oh blessed summer, we move out to the porch. More dogs. More kids. More Bard students all lazing around. A few of us in and out for coffee while we famously pretend to work.

If you need the particulars, that's Tivoli Bread & Baking at 75 Broadway. Wed to Fri, Early to 12; Sat and Sun, Early to 3. 845.757.2253. And don't even think of special ordering a birthday cake. He'd have to owe you big (or love you a whole lot) to submit to that request.

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